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First of all, I would like to thank all of you
who have visited our website and are pleased to have the opportunity to
introduce our company to our customers at home and abroad.  
Jangbogo Shipbuilding "inhoe unity of corporate philosophy"a
leading`quality management, green environmental company and secure its own technology management policy`shipyards that can be recognized impressed and quality from the built to do the best to achieve the goals your company, customers, All employees are doing their best to grow into a company that contributes to the local economy.

Our company, located in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, was established in June 2012 and has grown into a company specializing in shipbuilding and ship repairs of less than 5,000 tons.In April 2019, we installed floating docks that can repair ships up to 10,000 tons of tonnage. It is open .


Jangbogo Shipbuilding, which prioritizes customers and invests in continuous manpower and production facilities, will do its best to improve the quality of services and help customers find them again.

We ask for your continued encouragement and continuous guidance to help Jangbogo Shipbuilding strive to develop future-oriented shipyards.