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2019 February.2019 Newbuilding 88ton 'Port Purification 2' control tablet delivery
April.2019 4500 ton floating dock installed
December.2019 New 9-ton water quality management vessel
March.2016 New Construction 486ton 'Namshin An Agricultural Cooperatives No. 1'
March.2016 New building 595 tons 'Dream place report' cafery ship India
July.2016 New building 281 tons 'hometown of islands 1' cafery ship India
August.2016 New building 364 tons 'Namshin An Agricultural Cooperatives No.2'
December.2016 New construction 150ton 'Defense No. 8'
March.2015 Newbuildings 384 tons, 323 tons 2 offshore oil pants
August.2015 New building 187 tons `` Kayaya Ferry '' driveway
September.2015 Newbuilding 79ton 'Port Purification No. 1'
July.2014 Newbuilding No. 2293ton Udoland No. 2 Passenger Cafe Line India
August.2014 Second newly built ship ship (G / T 293t vehicle passenger ferry)
December.2014 New 466 Tons Tocho Cafe Ferry India
2013 January.2013 Registered as a female company
January.2013 Registered bonded transportation business [ship repair business]
April.2013 Company name changed to JangBogo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
April.2013 First new ship delivered (G / T 322t vehicle passenger ferry)
September.2013 Registered as a venture company
2012 June.2012 Established JangBogo Shipyard Co., Ltd.
July.2012 Registered as a small business company
October.2012 Factory registration
October.2012 Direct production company registration
November.2012 Member of Shipbuilding Industry Cooperative