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Jangbogo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. specializes in shipbuilding and ship repair of 5,000 tons or less.
Company Overview
  Company Name: JangBogo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
 Date of establishment: June 20, 2012.
  Type ofbusiness: Manufacturing  
 Type ofbusiness: Shipbuilding, ship repair
  Representative: Eunjung Lee
 Land area: 7,761.2㎡
  Total building area: 998.64㎡
Industry leading technology!
Established on June 20, 2012, the company is under construction of shipbuilding and repairing ships of 5,000 tons or less, and the company's philosophy is to establish quality management, green environment company and in-house technology as its corporate philosophy, Is a company that is committed to.


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